Avoid This Product: efaith Wireless Charge Pad

“Avoid This Product” is an ongoing series where I discuss products that I absolutely recommend you avoid!

I’m a pretty avid AliExpress shopper. For electronic components, phone cases, cables, etc., if you don’t mind the wait, then you can save a pile of money and get the same Chinese goods you’d buy at local shops. It’s not often that I buy actual electronic products on this site, but I broke my own rule and grabbed a bunch of EFaith 10W QI Wireless Charge Pads.

EFaith Wireless Charger Box

These pads looked promising. More than just cheap plastic, they had a weighted aluminum design that would surely keep them in place on all my desks they’d be used on! They were also 10 watts, which should offer a little faster charge than the cheapie 5 watt pads that I had bought in a previous order.

Less than two weeks in, both pads are dead. Even once daily use was enough for these pads to rear their cheap design and fail. Each pad just screams with a high pitch electronics sound constantly, and if they try to charge the phone at all, it’s a constant start/stop/start/stop charging that doesn’t actually accomplish anything. See my [awful quality, sorry!] video below for more details!